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julio 2010

This film ought to be required viewing for those who work in the health and human services fields, in order to understand the setting in which many people live. I recommend the documentary to those who seek to understand the realities of food insecurity and its affect on children. Starting with education at the community level, the hope is to bring about changes to alleviate systemic inequalities for those living in poverty.

The two seat electric Smart comes not only as a three door hatchback but also as aCabriolet model with a folding cloth roofthat can be rolled back partway like a large sunroof, or dropped all the way down to sit in a pile at the rear of the car just behind the driver’s shoulders.The 2014 Smart Electric Drive has its 17.6 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack between the two layers of the sandwich floor.That means its weight is carried down low in the chassis, which makes the car handle well and corner flat.A full recharge if the battery pack is entirely depleted takes 6 hours, using the car’s onboard 3.3 kW charger and a 240 Volt Level 2 charging station, but recharging from 20 to 80 percent takes only 3.5 hours.The 55 kilowatt (74 horsepower) electric drive motor powers the rear wheels, sitting where the 1.0 liter three cylinder engine of regular Smartcarswould be located.Visually, there’s little difference between the two cars if you avoid the $900 Kinetic Green appearance package that gives you a green on white color combination unique to the electric version.Inside, the Smart’s interior is now seriously outdated and severe, although you’ll find it adequate for around town use. The electric Smart uses its two dash top gauge pods for state of charge and power delivery gauges unique to the battery powered version.There’s plenty of room inside, even for two adults well over six feet tall, and both passengers sit relatively high, reducing the sense of being in a small car.If you’re not aware that the Smart ends less than 2 feet behind your back, it doesn’t drive as small as it actually is until you park it in a space better suited to a motorcycle than a car.Since sales of last year’s model began in May, Smart has managed to deliver a total of 923 electric ForTwos or roughly 10 percent of the 9,264 Smarts sold altogether.If you choose not to lease, the electric Smart’s prices begin at $25,750 for the hardtop and $28,750 for the Cabriolet. Both prices are before any incentives, and include the mandatory delivery fee.The current 2014 model is close to the end of its run, however .
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