Is it because I’m paying $6 les

julio 2010

Is it because I’m paying $6 less? Am I marking the golf club easier because it’s not your standard pub/restaurant? Am I enchanted by the live music, boot scooting dancers and relaxed Sunday session atmosphere? Ah, what the hell, I like the place! And for those with kids in tow, the Maylands is the one venue from the week that I can recommend as family friendly. Score: 7. Running total: $83.40..

To whose ultimate benefit is the price drop? On its face, the only real benefactors appear to be global consumers. So why bother flooding the market? Despite the Saudi oil minister suggesting that his country wouldn’t mind watching oil prices take an even greater plunge, Saudi Arabia is still taking an income cut on its primary source of revenue at a time when it’s projecting a $39 billion deficit for 2015. Why are the Saudis pretending that a kick in the rear is a massage?.

Cozy and kitschy, Lazy Jane’s is the beloved caf and bakery owned by Madison food scene veteran Jane Capito, who also owns the block away Mickey’s Tavern. Lazy Jane’s is a staple of Willy Street with rave worthy scones the lemon cream scone is the cornerstone (cornerscone, if you will) and always interesting breakfast items like spicy mac ‘n’ cheese pancakes, a red velvet waffle or a tofu scramble. You’re greeted by a handwritten menu on the half wood paneled wall, with dome light ceiling fans overhead and black and red checkered floors underfoot.

But with seven plants across China, BYD continues to be primarily a battery manufacturer. The company, the world fifth largest manufacturer of batteries for cell phones and other electronics, claims its expertise in batteries is its competitive advantage in electric cars, an industry it plans to dominate through aggressive expansion in the coming years. The company bold corporate culture takes cues from its dynamic leader, Wang, who claims that Your Dreams stands for the company grand ambitions.

So, the fact that I don’t like NASCAR, watermelon, collards, slabs of sliced tomato on my hamburger, or Bourbon has been a littleuncomfortable, over the years. People used to hear ten words out of my mouth and buy me a Bourbon, which I would usually pretend to sip and then pour out at the first opportunity. So, just two weeks ago, in buying a bottle for my GF, who single handedly upholds what little redneck Bourbon cred this house possesses, I remembered that a bunch of drunken louts I used to hang with back in Virginia used this as their splurge Bourbon.
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