julio 2010

Goshamighty, all this talk of food reminds me that I had the craving. I had the mind eyeball for a cheeseburger, a fat, juicy burger. With a dollop of mayonnaise squeezed on the side of the plate, for extra dipping pleasure. Nonstop guy on guy porn projected on large screen near bar: check. Buff, shirtless bartender: check. Shirtless patrons: check.

I ordered three tonnes of top notch soil mixed with compost to start my giant flowerbed that surrounded the fence in our modest yard. I then bought about $200 worth of perennials. For anyone not familiar with gardening, this covered about halfway up one edge of one side of my new garden..

It doesn’t look pretty but it works. The first CNC was posted on “I Made It” photo contest. I took that apart to improve on my first design and I hope it helps other people. Eau Claire (WQOW) Imagine a kitchen where your refrigerator suggests recipes, or a vacuum that doubles as home security. It sounds like something straight out of the future, but gadgets like these will soon be installed in homes around the country.Molly Gold is an organizing ace. In fact, she made a business out of it (GoMom Inc.).

By Rhonica on Day 29: Mad Skills WorkoutUm, NICE WORK!!! And yes, this was one of by Dynamic Diva on Day 19: She Got Me Throwin My Money Around WorkoutOh. I finished in 16:30. By Rhonica on Day 19: She Got Me Throwin My Money Around WorkoutLets begin: 10 min jumprope.

Camaraderie: With all these pressures, there always going to be a them and us element to professional football. An ex pro was recently attacked for scoffing at a female international goalkeeper however I not sure this was completely sexist I think ex players mostly look down on anyone who wasn at their level. All their lives they focused on being the very best and this focus may cause them to shut off anyone who hasn experienced the same pressures and played at the same level.

Bell’s lawyers, Harriet Hawkins and Connie Quinones, didn’t return calls for comment. The jury also found true the allegations that Bell committed multiple murders, that the South Whittier killings were done for financial gain, and that he slew the three men while lying in wait. On April 19, the jurors agreed the 37 year old man deserved to die.

It’s home to the Vranec (“black stallion”) grape, which is reminiscent of zinfandel. A winery called Tikves produces an outstanding example with plenty of ripe red fruit and some tannins would pair well with pork, duck, or a fatty dish. It earned it a top score from wine critic Robert Parker, and costs only 12 bucks.
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